Remanufactured Components

Forklifts are rather costly pieces of equipment because a new electric lift truck model can cost starting from $18,000 to $25,000, for a five thousand pound equipment. In addition, a few thousands of dollars will have to be invested in a battery charger and battery. A similar internal combustion forklift of the same lift capacity would cost a little less and the diesel models that are capable of heavier lifting capacities can cost upwards of one hundred thousand dollars. Reconditioned lift trucks are a choice to save a great deal of cash since they cost less than half the price of new models.

Several buyers may be apprehensive about acquiring a used or reconditioned lift truck in view of the fact that they feel they will have to spend more on upkeep. Nevertheless, a properly reconditioned forklift would be able to run just as well as a brand new one. Though your lift will get heavy use, so long as you take good care of the machine, it would serve all your requirements and possibly save you lots of cash.

It is vital to determine what the seller means by a reconditioned or refurbished forklift when thinking about purchasing a used lift truck. Lots of businesses do a really good job reconditioning a model before selling it. This consists of disassembling the lift truck, rebuilding the engine, sandblasting the lift and next reassembling the whole thing and finishing with a fresh coat of paint.

To correctly and thoroughly rebuild a lift truck engine, a good business would completely disassemble it. A heat cleaning system could then be utilized to clean all the components. As soon as this step has been finished, all of the components are checked to see if they have any breakage, any extensive wear or any defects. Particular parts like for example cylinder blocks, connecting blocks, cylinder heads and crankshafts are resurfaced, resized and reground if necessary. Various components like for instance gears, nuts, bolts and so forth. are replaced or repaired as considered necessary.

The engine is rebuilt manually as soon as the overhaul has been completed. After putting it back together, a series of tests are applied to the working machine. This is done in order to check all of the parts to ensure there are no issues or leaks. If any problems occur, the crucial modifications are done.

There must be no reason to be concerned about obtaining a refurbished or reconditioned forklift from quality sellers. The process of rebuilding the machines guarantees the utmost in reliability. Maintenance costs may really work out to be less because you will avoid the initial phase of higher maintenance projections which a new lift truck has as it is broken in. By following routine repairs schedules and taking care of the machinery correctly, a reconditioned lift truck would serve you well.

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Forklift Masts and Parts

  • Alternators
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  • Brakes
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  • Carriage Rollers
    Particularly designed bearings known as carriage rollers are frequently seen on lift masts because they allow them to function better within tough environmental surroundings. The typical lift mast is regularly subject to frequent oscillations, ...
  • Carriages and Carriage Parts
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  • Control Valves
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  • Controllers
    Forklifts are available in a wide range of load capacities and various models. The majority of lift trucks in a typical warehouse setting have load capacities between 1-5 tons. Larger scale units are utilized for heavier loads, like for instance ...
  • Differentials
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  • Drive Axles
    The piece of equipment that is elastically fastened to the frame of the vehicle utilizing a lift mast is known as the lift truck drive axle. The lift mast affixes to the drive axle and could be inclined, by no less than one tilting cylinder, ...

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