Extension Booms

Normally, we think of lift trucks as equipment intended for moving and lifting pallets. There are extensions available to give the forklift more strength and more length for heavier loads. By using one of the four major lift truck booms, your forklift can be useful for a variety of other functions. The four main lift truck booms are the shooting boom, the carpet boom, the coil boom and the pipe boom. Each of these are intended for attachment onto your forklift.

Coil Poles
Able to attach to the forklift's carriage, coil poles are built to transfer rolled coils and other rolled materials like for example reels of wire or concrete poles. Coil poles will allow you to transport every cylinder or rolled material as well.

Carpet Poles
Carpet poles are a heavy duty attachment made from EN24T steel. They mount directly onto the forklifts' carriage. They are known as carpet poles but are likewise utilized so as to move other kinds of rolled floor coverings as well as cylinder products. They do not have the capability to raise very heavy stuff like for instance coil poles or concrete pipes.

Telehandlers or Shooting Forklift Booms
Shooting forklift booms are also called telehandlers or telescopic booms. They are really helpful on rough terrain lift trucks and lift to heights of 20-40 feet. These booms are typically used outside on construction job locations or within the agricultural industry.

Booms Should Not Be Used On Pipes
Extreme damage could happen to the interior of a pipe whenever utilizing any type of boom to be able to transport the pipe. It is suggested that a hauling sling be utilized rather than a pipe boom in this specific function. Occasionally, steel pipes and cylinder shaped pipes should be transported with a boom when a lifting sling is unavailable. In these circumstances, care should be taken to make certain the pipes interior integrity.

Other Kinds
Two added booms can be used along with your forklift; the low profile boom and the clear view boom. Neither of these booms attaches to the carriage but instead attaches to the forklifts' forks. They allow an easy transition from pallet to coiled or rolled stuff along with the extra advantage of providing a clear line of sight for the one operating it.

Training for Safety
Forklift operators must complete a exercise course so as to learn how to drive the equipment in the most practical and safe way. This preparation is intended to keep the operator safe as well as to avoid any injury to people working close by. Lift trucks are a heavy piece of industrial machinery and considered to be a possibly dangerous machine. Those who work with and around them have to comply with and comprehend all of the safety measures.

Additional preparation must be provided and administered to people operating forklift booms in order to help ensure they comprehend how to safely operate lift truck booms. This would certainly prevent the number of workplace incidents suffered from incapability to correctly operate a lift truck boom. Several manufacturers provide training courses on the various types of booms and some offer on-site education where workers can be trained directly where they would be working. This on-hand training allows the teacher an opportunity to tackle all safety concerns at that particular job site.

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