The two styles of forks comprise the pin type and the hook type. Pin type forks or shaft mounted, are found on the bigger capacity forklifts. Pin type blades utilize the fork shaft or pin to attach onto the forklift. There is an eye on the top of the blade which the pin slides through and holds the blades onto the carriage. Hook type forks are usually used on lift trucks up to 14 thousand pounds capacity. Hook types are name in view of the fact that they hook over and lock into the bars on the fork carriage. These types of forks can be effortlessly installed by way of sliding lower and upper hooks onto the end of the carriage bars. Another assembly alternative is using a special tine loading notch in the middle of the lower carriage mounting bar.

There are industry standards for sizes of the blades. blades are load rated according to both thickness and width. When blades require replacing, it is critical to make certain that the new fork is rated the same as the old blades it's replacing. This fork rating will be stamped on the shank of the tine.

Forklifts help to really minimize time and labour in numerous industrial applications. Attaching the proper forks used for the job can enhance safety and efficiency.

There are various types of forks, so determining the correct types is rather essential. Non-palletized material will need sharp ended forks in order to slide under the materials and palletized materials can be securely transported using blunt-end style blades. Check with your trainer or supervisor so as to determine the proper blades intended for the workplace application.

Each lift truck has its' own design and proper way to change the blades so refer to the instruction booklet for your specific unit. Know whether or not your model has quick-change blades. Lots of newer models have this particular fork style so as to make changing blades a much easier job to accomplish in less time. Consult the manufacturer's directions to take off the forks accordingly. The majority of quick-change forks drop mechanically. Be sure the side shifters are placed in the right place so the new attachment or forks fit rightly on the lift truck. Connect the lifting attachment or forks in accordance to the forklift's directions. Consult the handbook if considered necessary and as soon as they are secured, do a safety check before loading the new blades for the very first time.

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